I am a freelance designer, illustrator, consultant, beekeeper and globetrotter – with a dedicated interest for luxury goods, stationary and branded lifestyle products.
Coming up with innovative ideas, studying my immediate surroundings in search of inspiration, finding potential for change and creating something new is what drives and motivates me. I am always chasing that sensational feeling, when a new and brilliant idea has been sparked. I am dedicated to developing products that bring a smile to people’s faces and that have a positive impact on people and their environment.

I have been working in the luxury goods industry for almost twenty years. My studies in industrial design led me to Paris and Milan, the home of luxury and fashion. Since then, I have worked for many traditional luxury brands, focussing on writing instruments, jewelry, leather goods and watches.

In 2015 I graduated HULT International Business School (London/UK) with an Executive MBA. It has always been a goal of mine to take my creativity to a more strategic and executive level. I have since expanded my career to include consulting and project management for brands and design agencies, who seek expertise in design strategy, brand and product development.

In 2016 I also  founded my own jewelry brand, Fritz and Rose. Together with Ursula (best friend/designer/goldsmith) – we design, develop and craft our jewelry by hand and with lots of love in Hamburg, Germany. It all started with the idea of folding metal like paper – Origami meets Heavy Metal.

I very much enjoy being able to swap roles, depending on what my clients need. My experience and knowledge base make it possible for me to take the lead on entire projects – from the first sketch to manufacturing, to marketing and sales. My clients can rely on me to include all aspects needed to make a product successful on every level.

My most recent certified training was in environmental management and sustainability (2022). My goal is to include these aspects in the design process, making product design and manufacturing resource-efficient and environmentally friendly from the start. 

Beekeeping is my way of giving back to and getting in touch with nature. It is an incredibly humbling and rewarding hobby. Working with and around bees is an excellent form of mental and physical training, team work and meditation. It keeps me grounded, curious, healthy and happy.

My lifestyle and career choices allow me to work and travel simultaneously, momentarily mostly in Europe. Thankfully I have friends, family and clients around the globe. I never run out of places to go, projects and ideas. 
Where am I from? Where I am based ? There is no simple answer! I have always been on the move – and will always prefer a nomadic lifestyle. Floating headquarters is my modus operandi.

I have a hands-on mentality, a positive attitude and am a natural leader. I am comfortable in front of a screen, getting my hands dirty, in a team environment and am fluent in three languages (DE/EN/FR). 

Come work with me. I am excited to meet you!
Freelance Services
– Produkt-Design und Development
– Consulting in Business- & Brand Development
– Illustration & Digital Art

– Luxury goods, Stationary, branded lifestyle products
– Jewelry, writing instruments, leather goods, watches
– Stationary, notebooks, postcards, gift cards, wrapping paper
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