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– Produkt-Design und Development
– Consulting for Business & Brand Development
– Illustration & Digital Art

– Luxury goods, Stationary, branded lifestyle products
– Jewelry, writing instruments, leather goods, watches
– Stationary, notebooks, postcards, gift cards, wrapping paper

luxury goods, Stationary, branded lifestyle Products
Jewelry, Writing Instruments, Leather Goods, Watches
Almost twenty years of experience in the luxury goods industry have shaped my approach and expectations towards design, craftsmanship and quality of manufacturing. Everything I do is with the intent of leaving a lasting good impression. My focus is to bring joy to all those that make and use my designs and products – beginning to end. I follow a customer centric and return driven strategy that includes every single stakeholder and never compromises on design and quality of craftsmanship and manufacturing. It is a delicate balance, that requires expertise, an appreciation for detail and a birds-eye view into all aspects involved in bringing a product to market successfully. This is the promise I make to my clients that keeps them coming back for more.
Innovative Thinking, Beauty in Design, Expertise in Craftsmanship.
Customer-Centric Approach, Return Driven Strategy, Sustainability.
Consulting for business & Brand Development
Design Strategy, Product Portfolio, Product Design
Coming up with innovative ideas, studying my environment to find inspiration and potential for change, to then create something new is what drives and motivates me. I believe we need to focus on pushing a consistently design-driven, high-quality, sustainable and resource-efficient economy. Therefore, I am dedicated to developing strategies, projects and products that bring a smile to people’s faces and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

As a designer specialised in luxury goods, I have had the privilege of studying up close and working for the best luxury brands in the world. This gave me highly exclusive access and insights into the best kept secrets on how to develop a long-lasting heritage brand and product portfolio. 
Paired with my knowledge in business development, entre- and intrepreneurship, I enjoy consulting my clients on building future-proof design strategies and diversifying their product portfolio. This usually includes design strategy workshops and results in concrete design briefings for specific projects. I believe consulting is only useful and successful if it ends with tangible outcomes and measurable results.
Design Strategy Workshops, Consulting, Business- & Brand Development
Design Briefings,Senior Project Management, Product Design
Illustration & Digital Art
Stationary, notebooks, postcards, 
gift cards, wrapping paper
My career as an illustrator started when I was 8 years old. My older cousin and I created a comic book series about super hero fairies and witches in th forest. I still cherish those issues and that time – it set me on my path as an artist. My cousin went on to work for Disney and Hollywood. Initially, I used my artistic skills to pursue a career as a product designer.

Only recently, when a client asked me to develop illustrations for limited edition notebooks, did I consider a career in illustration and digital art. I am so grateful for the opportunity, because this work brings me so much joy. What a privilege to make a living, doing something that is so much fun. 
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